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Kiki Amalia Beauty & Sexy

Kiki Amalia (born in Jakarta, 26 November 1981) she is a model and soap opera and movie star in Indonesia. Kiki's career started in the world of model selection Aneka Cover Girl Magazine in 1995. Kiki had even posed for FHM magazine. Before entering into movies industry, the winner of Femina in 2000 was once starred in various television commercials. Some soap operas starring Kiki ever include Legenda Misteri, Wewe Gombel, Bule Betawi, Jodoh Apa Bodoh, Anak Ajaib, also Hidayah Islamic religious movies and Rahasia Ilahi. D3 graduate of the London School Business Management was also once starred in Rantai Bumi movies.

Kiki Amalia claimed Hengky deceitful operative with has paid the house electricity bill as big as 2 million per month since year 2005 during three year with Kiki Amalia atm. Hengky dispute that accusation, even he accuses this just his jealous machination relates to other woman.

Kiki Amalia want to finish this problem through law when does kinship road met deadlock.

" that is later of my family administer, " said Kiki Amalia. and Kiki Amalia said that Hengky has borrow her atm and unconsciously Kiki Amalia savings cut to pay electricity bill of hengky house at Jalan Buntu road, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta come Until February this year.

Fully dressed woman is a lot of mystery, with much reluctance, and almost no fun. Fully clothed women are every day, where is the excitement and fun in that? Women in underwear is a tease. He can not see everything, only what he wants to see. This leads to the mystery. What is she hiding? What are the parts that I can not see. Finally, the enthusiasm, you do not see that every day and can not wait to see the rest.
The naked woman offers little excitement and fun, because it is convenient and he wants more. Although there is still much to give. Where is the mystery? It is completely exposed, so there is nothing to try his mind and spirit is the greatest sexual organ in the human body. The value of clothing is what helps to create, and the mission it performs. Just know that choosing the right underwear.
Ladies you know what are its best features. You know what you do not want to show. The woman has always been better in the model. Just keep this in mind when selecting the set of lingerie. The most difficult is choosing the right equipment for you. If you buy online or in a store, there is someone to help you make your choice. 

Kiki Amalia Profille
Full Name: Kiki Amalia
Nick Name: Kiki
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth:: Jakarta, November 26, 1981
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Achievements & awards: Winner of Femina face 2000

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