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Dewi Cinta Hot Face with Sexy Body

Dewi Cinta Hot
Chit Chat with Dewi Cinta :

Learning to dance too?
Yes, because all of my song ngebeat. I also want to learn belly dancing. Let me look sexy and not rigid.

So you feel sexy when dancing?
I feel sexy when sleeping. Many people say that. Or when drunk. Because of possible escape.

In the daily also happy to dress sexy?
Yes, more comfortable alone. So also when the performance. Because imejku sexy. Not the made-for wanting to become a singer. I always like to look sexy. Even in bed had to wear sexy lingerie. I am satisfied with the sexiness and fun look at yourself.

Dewi Cinta Hot

It's really been satisfied huh?
Hmm .., I do not like my ass because big. Many people who considered sexy. But I do not. Imagine every time I pass the first times ass. So feel uncomfortable.

A favorite?
Chest. Because the fit. So I most like to wear an open shirt in the chest because it was more prominent. I think if girls wear normal clothes rather than wear a skirt lower chest looks ass.

Dewi Cinta Hot

Accustomed to the wild views toward the chest?
Yes. Because I'm confident and love, so it would not matter, I always think positive breast nice views. Unlike the buttocks, the default is negative, because I myself do not confident.

How to hook the Dewi Cinta hearts?
Came to bring Jaguar, take a walk out of the country, and if the homes do not bring me flowers but the deposit, he he he ..

Group like this a lot closer to you?
Yes, most of which thrusts the material. Though there are many guys who do not need to use the same money I could close the road even longer.

Dong leaks, how to approach you?
I do not like to be seduced, getting chased by the run. The more ignorant the more curious and could I go after him.

Prefer to pursue?
Yes, often in fact, to me it is a challenge. Because if I catch her basic-he did not want the same to me. So there is a satisfaction to beat this guy. Sometimes I'm easily bored. If it can, daagh.

How long it last?
If the dating is right for long. But if going out of curiosity could be a week or two weeks. Like a small child to a new toy, playing initially in only, long bored and looking for new toys.

No fear of image player?
Be yourself only. All my friends have called me like that. Accept it because it is.

Hard too huh?
Yes, I'm the type of girl who do not like regulated and restrained. Because of me there is life leader. Usually I am more powerful than boys. But sometimes wishy-washy, one side does not like confined on the other hand I like the guy who dared ngatur and fierce with me. If the guy would just follow my orders very stale.

Including regulated in bed?
For that one I like is set. So, still want to add a science. If it's expert may not be set-set anymore. For now I still need guidance and leadership.

More pleased to learn from experience?
Experience is very important. I do not like guys who do not much experience. However, if a lot of experience already imejnya playboy. But actually I like it because it can be studied.

Dewi Cinta Hot

She will not be tired of chasing you in any way to your knees to him. But if it is boring, once you can directly cast. "
Chic looks and her body curves adequately represent a goddess of love. Five year vacuum of the entertainment universe, Dewi Cinta to make a breakthrough. Women blesteran Indonesian-Dutch-Arab suddenly emerged as a singer after a while to pursue acting. Born in Solo, August 15, 1984 is also ready to bear the consequences if it is called capital singer looks and body. Recently nickname gossip artist approached him. Starting from its legal case with renowned designers, the news took my husband who was also a sportsman, to love the location with the model of the video clip titled singles champion Main Heart.

Dewi Cinta Hot

Apparently the single creation is a personal experience Jaka Tingkir action film star who claimed to fear falling in love even tend to not believe in love. For her love and lust thin difference. Although no love, yet the youngest of three brothers love to love the adventure known as a player. She has not quit until he found a soul mate in her desire. Are you one of his soulmate?

Dewi Cinta Hot

Dewi Cinta Hot
Long gone, back again become a singer. What's the story?
I'm trying a new luck. After five years behind the vacuum I try again and who knows I have better luck in the world of singing. Because I'm moody person and I never focus on one area, such as in soap operas so results are less than the maximum. To sing I want to total.

Why then decided to vacuum?
Really tired. Since my last soap opera most of the game as Jake Tingkir and the Beast Crocodile.

There are difficulties when it became a singer?
Until now, still groggy. So despite not launching mini Albums, I've promo first to train and familiarize yourself mentally. Because all my heating needs?

Yup, how foreplay before singing?
Jump-jump and do whatever I liked. That way everything will be smooth. The most important case in the mood.

Have you seen the comments you video clips on the internet?
Already. Many say I win looks and body. I received input from everyone. Earlier I said sorry if there is a shortage because of its basic I'm not a singer. But I'm trying to be the best.

Dewi Cinta Hot

Dewi Cinta Hot

Dewi Cinta Hot

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